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Allows you to sprinkle whatever you want (seeds, sugar, parmesan, salt,  powder, nuts, syrup, egg, etc.) at your products.

The system for placing seeds on products consists of an entry and exit conveyor belt and two intermediate wire strips. When the product crosses the first wire strip it is sprinkled with water or other fluid (e.g. egg, syrup) using a special device. The fluid is fully recycled using a pump.
At the second wire strip, the product is sprinkled all round with sesame seeds. At this point, there is a tank which is filled with sesame seeds (or other nuts / seeds). The sesame seeds (or other seeds / nuts) fall through a roller uniformly on both sides of the product (top and bottom) (if wanted).
The sesame seeds (or other nuts / seeds) that do not affix to the product are directed back to the original tank to be re-used. This fully recycles the sesame seeds (or other nuts / seeds).
A guillotine with knives can be fitted to the exit belt to cut the product to the desired length.


  • Guillotine. Vertical knife to cut products to preferred length.

  • Adjusting Level Cylinder. It allows you to flatten the seeds & the products


ALDSD120 – 12CM
ALDSD200 – 20CM
ALDSD400 – 40CM
ALDSD600 – 60CM
ALDSD800 – 80CM
ALDSD1000 – 100