Machine for placing and aligning – arranging products at baking trays. – ALD DP

The ALD-DP Machine is an automatic device to place and arrange (align) dough products (sticks, cookies, biscuits, etc.) on baking trays to go straight to the oven or freezing equipment.
An easily operated (PLC-controlled) placing – aligning system
It saves labor costs and increases efficiency.
In combination with ALD-EX extruder, and ALD-SD seeding unit creates a fully automatic line for the production of various dough products, that ensures stable quality, and high capacity.


  • Touch screen panel

  • Stores up to 10 re-programmed recipes.

  • It works with baking trays of any width and length.

  • Easy to maintain and clean.

  • Two years warranty and technical support.

  • CE Certification.


ALDDP200 – 20CM
ALDDP400 – 40CM
ALDDP600 – 60CM
ALDDP800 – 80CM
ALDDP1000 – 100


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