ALD-EX extrudes and shapes the dough in a wide variety of forms.

It uses two specially designed (patented) rollers. The easily changeable mold determines the contour of the products.
To cut the linear products like breadsticks, to the desired length, there is the option of a guillotine.
If we use a horizontal knife, we can produce cookies in any shape we like, according to the chosen mold.
Another option is to use the special braiding unit, to produce braided cookies, like the famous Greek “koulourakia”.
The variety of goods ALD-EX can produce is limitless.
The extruder can be attached to a filling unit, to give us the ability to produce stuffed cookies.
Finally, the unique patented ring system gives you the potential to produce rings of dough in many diameters, like koulouri, simit, and govrige.
ALD-EX operates with various types of dough. Sweet or savory, wholemeal or not, gluten-free or not, etc.
It is capable to produce various types of snacks like breadsticks, cookies, rusks, croutons, even stuffed products, etc.


  • Vertical Knife (Guillotine)
  • Horizontal knife

  • Plaiting Unit
  • Filling unit
  • Rings unit
  • Dough Feeding conveyor
  • Output conveyor


ALDEX200 – 20CM
ALDEX400 – 40CM
ALDEX600 – 60CM
ALDEX800 – 80CM
ALDEX1000 – 100


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