ECL is a range of very flexible and productive machines, suitable for both small and large industries. ECL machines can stuff many kinds of products, like eclairs, croissants, donuts, wafer rolls, puff pastry rolls, etc.
They operate with a wide range of filling materials like pralines, jams, confectionery creams, honey, creamy vegetable and animal kinds of butter, creamy masses of cheese made products, whipped cream, etc.
All ECL machines ensure uniform and precise filling. The easily configurable injection system gives you the ability to use the same machine to stuff more than one product.

croissant brioche filling topping

A lot of configurations and options are available:

  • With one or two stuffing systems.

  • Horizontal or vertical injection filling.
  • Option for layering at the top, as an add on system.
  • Versions with conventional and servo (for higher productivity and accuracy) motors.
  • ECL machines can be feed by bulk or by arranged in trays products.
  • Solutions for automatic panning onto sheets and de-panning from sheets are available on request.


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