“SDWF” Automatic Sandwich Filling Lines By EBAK

SDWF machines are friendly and flexible for sandwich biscuits production. All models are easy to maintain and clean.
They can be operated standalone (model SDWF-FCS) or integrated into an existing biscuits production line (model SDWF-ALN).
SDWF-FCS V1 and V2 models comprise biscuit cases that feed the machine with aligned biscuits rows.
SDWF-ALN model involves an aligning conveyor to align biscuits coming from a tunnel oven.
At the processing conveyor, SDWF examines the rows of biscuits and aborts the uncompleted rows.
At the next step, inverts a biscuits row and drops cream (or other material) at the subsequent row. Finally, it places the inverted biscuits over the filled ones (capping procedure).
We implemented PLC and touch screen to all SDWF models. You can memorize recipes and adjust the operating parameters on the fly without stopping the machine.

  • With one or two stuffing systems.

  • The option to spray liquids and for sprinkling seeds or crumbled biscuits at the top is available as an add on system.
  • Versions with conventional and servo (for higher productivity and accuracy) motors.


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