Automatic Production Line for Protein Bars by EBAK

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The Automatic Production Line for Protein Bars is the perfect solution for increased production and excellent results. The Machine consists of the following stages/parts:
– Dough shaping extruder. Depending on the mold, we give the width and shape we want to the bar (either straight or with a curve in the middle)
-Filling/Covering station for products such as caramel, praline, oreo or bueno praline
-Cutting/Guillotine Station. Special cutting knife with teflon coating, so that it does not stick during operation, which the cutting length can be adjusted from the 7″ Touch Screen
-Sprinkling station for products such as: corns, chocolate balls, sugar, various seeds, etc. with an automatic recycling system
The machine is a special construction, so the width of the conveyor belt, and consequently the productivity, are made after consultation. In addition, there is also the option to enable/disable each station, depending on the code the operator wants to produce.


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