Tart and pie shell production machines.
Highly productive and flexible machines, suitable for both large food industries and confectionery and bakery workshops.


  • TM-S for shell diameter 20-120mm

  • TM-L for shell diameter 130-280mm

  • TM-L PLUS for shell diameter 40-280mm

  • Ptm  forming tarts and pies. Diam.: 20-280mm

  • Dtm dough dosage head


  • Operates both moulded tart pans (smooth or fluted edge) and alu-foil pans.

  • Easily interchangeable mold-sets. Easy clean and maintenance.

  • Suitable with many types of dough. (salty, savory, hard, soft).

  • Heated shaping die with anti-stick treatment & mechanisms.

  • Flexible. Tailored made shaping dies to produce varius designs of tarts and pies (round, oval, triangular, square, diamond shape, heart shape, etc.) even with decorative edging.

At Fully automatic models (TM-L / TM-L PLUS / TM-S) the molded pans or alu-foils plates are conveyed by a chain conveyor under the volumetric head (extruder or dose hopper) which deposits the required quantity of dough inside mold. The heated press forms the tarts. Then the ready tarts/pies are exported into the output conveyor.

A Filling head can be placed after the output conveyor to fill the tarts/pies with one or more fillings.

TMS for tarts 20-120mm d.

max 24 pieces/min
  • Optional Accessories:
    Automatic form Feeder and Output Conveyor

TML/TML PLUS for tarts 40-280mm d.

max 60pieces/min*
  • Optional Accessories:
    Automatic form Feeder and Output Conveyor
  • *1xMold:20p/min – 2xMold:30p/min
    3xMold:45p/min – 4xMold:60p/min

Forming Press

  • Ptm is a low-cost solution for tart and pie production easily, accurately, rapidly, safely. The operator puts manually the baking pan and the dough at the case. When the operator press the start button (or the foot-pedal) machine aligns the baking pan with the shaping die. The die enters into the case and forms the dough.

Dossing Head

  • The Semi-automatic Dough Dosage unit (Dtm) is the perfect “companion” of Ptm. The operator puts manually the baking pan at the case. Then press the start button (or the foot-pedal) and Dtm deposit the required dossage of dough at baking pan. Dtm is a low-cost solution easy operated,accurately, rapidly,safely.


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